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Receiver Hitch Installation y Install all bolts loosely until all brackets are in place y Remove any aftermarket accessories (saddle bags, back rests, etc) before hitch installation. After installation remount accessories. NOTE: Some aftermarket accessories may not be compatible with InstaTrike. 1) Place motorcycle on a firm level surface. 2) Remove saddle bags (if applicable) 4) Attach bracket G to underside of motorcycle frame with U-bolts provided. 5) Attach bracket C (left) and bracket D (right) to the two rear fender side attachment bolts between fender and chrome side rail. Use new bolts provided. ( reattach saddle bags now if applicable) 6) Attach bracket E (left) and bracket F (right) to the outside of the rear holes on brackets C and D . Bolt inserts from inside of brackets C and D . 7) Attach bottom of brackets E and F to rear plate on receiver hitch. 8) Attach rear of brackets A and B to TOP of forward arms on receiver hitch. 9) Attach front of brackets A and B to TOP of bracket G 10) Ensure hitch is square on motorcycle and tighten all bolts.
Installation Diagrams
Leveling stand screw jack installation 1) Thread right side screw jack into threaded area on bracket B sand adjust leveling jack bolt out. 2) Push motorcycle over from left side until right screw jack is touching floor. 3) Install left side screw jack on bracket A and adjust out until motorcycle will rest upright on both screw jacks. 4) Adjust screw jacks until motorcycle is level. CAUTION – Use screw jacks to hold motorcycle upright and level ONLY. Do not lift motorcycle with screw jacks. CAUTION – Use care when installing screw jacks. Be certain that motorcycle is always in a stable balanced position