Harley-Davidson MOBILE RADIO & CONTROL UNIT Installation Manual


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Installation of the ORION mobile radio and control unit consists of: •Assembling and installing the weather resistant motorcycle case assembly, including the adapter bracket, case/antenna mounting bracket, and bottom case (previously assembled) to the motorcycle mounting bracket (user supplied). •Installing the radio in the radio mounting bracket located inside the weather-resistant case, •Installing the control unit, microphone, and speaker •Installing the antenna •Routing the power, control, and option cables •Connecting all cables including: power, control, and option cables. •Installing the Headset Option •Operational check All mounting hardware consists of stainless steel screws, locknuts, nuts, and lockwashers to resist corrosion. TOOLS REQUIRED •Socket wrench set U.S./metric with 3″ extender •Open end wrench, adjustable •Wire clippers •TORX BIT set, small metric 13
EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION Assembling & Installing The Weather Resistant Case As- sembly The motorcycle Weather Resistant Case Assembly may be installed on almost any motorcycle. Installation instructions provided here include information for the Harley-Davidson Dyna and Road King models and the Kawasaki K1000. Figure 5 illustrates installation on Harley-Davidson motorcycles while Figure 6 illustrates installation on a Kawasaki K1000. Refer to these diagrams during installation. Installation on other motorcycles is at the discretion of the installer. Harley-Davidson Installation 1. Unpack the weather resistant motorcycle case, remove the key taped to the top cover and open the case. 2. Refer to Figure 5 and verify that all components shown in the diagram are available. 3. Mount the adapter bracket onto the Dyna or Road King radio mounting bracket (user supplied) using the 1/4-20 x 5/8 screws provided