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INSTALLATION Outer Fairing/Windshield and Auxiliary Lamp Bracket Removal To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove maxi-fuse before proceeding. (00251a) 2 3 1 2 is 01215 1. Six-position connector 2. Four-position connector 3. Auxiliary lamp connector Figure 1. Disconnect Signal and Auxiliary Lamp 1. Remove Maxi-Fuse. Refer to SYSTEM FUSES, MAXI- FUSE in Service Manual. NOTE Since the outer fairing screws hold the windshield in place, the windshield may fall to the floor if not removed. 2. Remove the windshield and outer fairing. Refer to UPPER FAIRING/WINDSHIELD in Service Manual for the outer fairing/windshield removal procedure. 3. Disconnect auxiliary lamp and turn signal connectors. NOTE See Figure 1. On 2005 and prior year models, the left and right turn signals plug into a 6-place connector located on the left fairing support brace. On 2006 and later models, each turn signal plugs into its own 4-place connector located toward the bottom of the inner fairing on each side. 4. Using a T40 Torx® drive head, remove and save the four bolts securing the auxiliary head lamp bracket to the chassis. 5. Remove auxiliary lamp bracket from motorcycle. Turn Signal Assembly 1 is 01217 1. Triangular opening Figure 2. Insertion of Terminals Through Triangular Opening 1. See Figure 2. Insert wire terminals through the triangular opening in the turn signal mounting bracket included in the kit. 2. Fit turn signal housing onto bracket. 3. Apply a small amount of Loctite (243) blue (99642-97) to threads of hex head cap screw. 4. Tighten cap screw to 15-20 ft-lbs (20-27 Nm) . -J03753 1 of 2 Turn Signal Installation 1 is 01218 1. Turn signal wire Figure 3. Turn Signal Wire Routing 1. See Figure 3. Insert turn signal connector and wiring between bottom of fairing and top of outer fairing skirt. 2. Route turn signal wire under cutout on mounting bracket and place bracket onto motorcycle. NOTE Care must be taken so the turn signal wire is not pinched between turn signal bracket and motorcycle chassis. 3. Install washers onto turn signal bracket mounting bolts and apply Loctite 243 (blue) (99642-97) to the bolt threads. 4. Tighten mounting bolts to 15-20 ft-lbs (20-27 Nm) . 5. Route turn signal leads toward harness connector. Secure loose wiring with tie straps so wires do not rub against any sharp objects