Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Tuning Guide and INSTALLATION


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Installation angles The tapered-needle-type Carburetor s with concentric, central float chambers have a horizontal main barrel and can be mounted up to a maximum inclination of 40 degrees from the horizontal (figure 3) . For
applications on motocross and trials engines, etc, this inclination should be 30 degrees or less. fig. 3 2.4 Engine connections The Carburetor is usually connected to the engine with one of the following : Male clamp fixing : the male clamp connection used for the flexible fixing of the Carburetor to the engine is usually recommended on motorcycles for motocross, trials, etc or fitted to engines which run to high rpm or those which produce strong vibrations. fig. 4 Female clamp : the female clip connection and the flange connection, with a rigid fitting to the engine, are usable on road motorcycles or fitted to engines which do not generate very strong vibrations