BMW Heated Seat Wiring Instructions


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1. Locate the battery. 2. Find an appropriate and convenient mounting location for the controller. NOTE: The heat controller has adhesive Velcro on the back for mounting on a flat surface. 3. Connect the components per the wiring diagram. Route and secure wires with electrical friction tape and/or wire ties. In this system, the relay control wire is designed to be connected/spliced to a IMPORTANT: “switched”wire such as a tail light, head light, etc. NOTE: For CANbussystembikes (see above), you MUST spliceor connect to anon-board accessory jack circuit. S T EA RELAY BATTERY 10 AMPFUSE HEAT CONTROLLER SPLICE INTO SWITCHED LINE (I.E. TAIL LIGHT OR ACC. JACK HOT LEAD) WIRING DIAGRAM SARGENT CYCLE PRODUCTS Chilliis a registered trademark of Calamander ltd. * BATTERY SIDE OF POWER CONNECTOR INDICATED WITH RED WRAPPING * IMPORTANT! Caution: Sargent’s limited warranty does not extend to any products damaged as a result of accident, misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, acts of God or other circumstances beyond Sargent’s control, including loss or damage in transit by carrier, or as a result of service or modification by anyone other than Sargent.