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1. Remove the vacuum slide from the carburetor. 2. Remove the OEM needle, spacer and washers, noting order of assembly. 3. Counting from the top to the bottom, install the new Baron needle clip on groove #4 for 04-07 models and on groove #5 for 99-03 models of the replacement. NOTE: Baron adjustable needle – The top is the blunt end of the needle. 4. Reinstall the OEM spacer and washers as shown in this diagram. 5. Reinstall the vacuum slide along with the diaphragm spring. 6. Reattach the diaphragm cover back and tighten screws. NOTE: Verify that the slide maintains its full range of movement. 7. Drain the fuel from the float bowl and remove the bowl cover. 8. Remove the OEM main jet and replace it with a Barons genuine Mikuni main jet. Install the correct main jet as indicated in JET SELECTION area above on this page. Our install guides provide a basic outline on the proper installation of our products. Further tuning and/or fitment may be required. Page: 2 BA-2420RD NEEDLE/JET KIT – Yamaha Road Star (99-07) 9. Thoroughly clean the inside of the float bowl prior to reinstalling it. 10. Reassemble the carburetor by reversing the order of step #1 through step #10. Use the new cap head allen screws in place of the OEM phillips head screws. 11. Locate the fuel mixture screw – it will either be a screw head or a brass plug. If it is a screw head, skip to step #11c. 11c. If you see a brass plug with a small hole in the center, proceed as follows: With the drill bit, carefully and slowly drill through the fuel mixture plug. CAUTION: The fuel mixture screw is located directly beneath this plug. Be prepared to stop the drill and remove the bit the instant you break through the plug. Insert the self-tapping sheet metal screw into the drilled hole and remove the plug. With air/fuel screw now accessible, use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the screw clockwise until it seats, then carefully turn it counter-clockwise 3 1/2 turns. Refer to step #16 for assistance in fine tuning the setting of the air/fuel adjustment screw. 12. Reinstall the carburetor. We strongly suggest that you attach the throttle cables prior to mounting to intake manifold. 13. Reconnect the fuel line, ensuring the clamp is firmly in place. 14. Reinstall all vent hoses and electrical connectors that were previously removed, checking for any obstructions or blockage. 15. Reinstall the OEM air filter assembly or, if you are installing our Big Air Kit (BAK), follow the instructions that accompany that kit, then continue with next step. NOTES: When the BAK is installed, the vent hose that terminated on the rear of the OEM airbox can be relocated in any safe position that does not kink or pinch it. It is important to verify proper throttle operation before starting the engine.