KTM KINETO TRACKING MOUNT – MODEL K433 Installation and Removal Manual


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the KTM meets the needs of a wide variety of test range and scientific applications:  On-board operator, or remote analog or digital control  Payloads up to 1200 pounds (unmanned) or 600 pounds (manned)  Mission configuration with four (manned) or six (unmanned) payload positions  Complete turnkey systems available  Detailed installation documentation FIELD-PROVEN RUGGED AND RELIABLE The KTM consistently demonstrates its performance and durability:  Weather tight seals designed to withstand harsh range environments  The KTM’s direct drive axis design delivers smooth, jitterfree tracking to ensure precise Time, Space and Position Information (TSPI)  Self-contained and trailer-mounted, the KTM is quickly and easily deployed via highway and unimproved roads to remote tracking sites  Digital Control System (DCS) that guarentees system reliability WHEN THE RANGES REQUIRED PRECISE AND RELIABLE OPTICAL TRACKING MOUNTS, THEY SELECTED THE BRASHEAR KINETO TRACKING MOUNT MORE THAN 150 TIMES. Recognized Standard for Tracking Systems Worldwide THE KTM DIGITAL CONTROL SYSTEM (DCS) INCLUDES:  High speed communication via an Ethernet interface to provide remote operation  Advanced servo loop control to optimize tracking performance  Built-in error correction to ensure precision tracking accuracy  Versatile chassis architecture that accommodates additional PC104 cards suchas an “Automatic Video Tracker” (AVT) to satisfy specific customer requirements and missions