2001-2002 Honda GL1800/A Frame Weld Inspection PROCEDURE


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IMPORTANT: During these procedures you may be using and referring to the following materials, originally sent to you with Service Bulletin GL1800 #14. • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Dealer Procedures (S0510) • Frame Weld Inspection Chart (S0516) • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Welding Manual (S0511) • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Cracked Weld Repair Manual (S0515) • Welding Template Box (S0512)If you need additional copies of these materi- als you may order them at no cost from Resolve at (440) 572-0725. 1. Position the motorcycle on a firm, level surface, in an area where there is enough room to safely lay it on its left side. 2. Remove the left side mirror by following the nstructions on page 2-7 of the Service Manual. 3. Remove the left engine side cover by following the nstructions on page 2-5 of the Service Manual. 4. Remove the antenna whip(s). 5. Remove the coolant reserve tank by fol- lowing the instructions on page 6-7 of the Service Manual. 6. Place thick, non-abrasive padding (such as furniture blankets) on the ground to protect the motorcycle when you lay it on its side. 7. Lock the handlebars to the RIGHT, using the ignition key. 8. Using two people, gently lay the motor- cycle down on its LEFT side on the pad- ding. The motorcycle will first rest on the wheels and left engine and saddlebag guards. Continue to lean the motorcycle to the left until it rests on the left handlebar end and left engine and saddlebag guards. The motorcycle should be laying on the padding, with its engine guard, saddlebag guard, and handlebar end resting on the padding – no painted parts should be con- tacting the padding. 9. Clean the frame crossmember with acetone. 10. Draw a line on each side of the grinding template (S0512) 30 mm from the for- ward edge, stopping  between the two arrows, as illustrated below. 11. Put this template on the frame and, using a fine-tipped felt marker (such as a Sharpie), draw a 30 mm line on both crossmember welds. Start this line at the forward edge of the grinding template and stop between the two arrows as shown in the illustration on the next page.Now remove the grinding template