2008 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe Exhaust Installation Supplement to Installation Manua


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1. Install LH and RH passenger foot peg mount using 3/8×2-1/4″ hex head bolts, 3/8″ SAE flat washers, 3/8″ lock was and 1″ spacers between the motorcycl frame and mount. Figure 1 hers e xhaust ter) n’t Cut 6-1/4″ from end Cut 1/2″ from end Figure 2 2. Remove exhaust chrome covers from header pipes. 3. It is not necessary to remove the front cylinder’s front cover. Remove header pipes from cylinder heads. Cut pipes as shown in Figure 2. 4. Replace header pipes Cut cover 5-5/8″ from end – Shown already cut Figure 3 5. Cut top cover as shown in Figure 3. 6. Install supplied extension pipes as shown in Figure 3 using the OE e clamps. (Clamps covered by covers in picture – covers will be installed la Rotate clamps to make sure they don’t interfere with the foot peg mounts. Do tighten clamps yet. 7. Mount exhaust hanger bracket to body frame with (3) supplied vibration mounts. Figure 4. Figure 4 8. Install supplied clamps to ends of mufflers and fit over exhaust extensions. 9. Attach exhaust pipes to hanger bracket with OEM hardware (4 bolts). Apply Red Loctite to OEM bolts. Figure 4. 10. Install all chrome covers 11. Tighten all exhaust clamps. Figure 5 12. Install supplied chrome cover with clamp removed from cut OE chrome cover. Supplied cover slips over OE chrome cover. Push cover forward to prevent the body from hitting the cover. Figure 5. 13. Move OE clamp backwards and install 14. Position luggage rack as shown in figure 5. Install luggage rack with OE bolt in the Figure 6 Bracket OE Bolt Clamp Figure 7 Drill ¼” holes bracket using OE bolt and supplied 3/8″ bolt. Figure 6. 7 and drill two ¼” holes in shock tower mount. 1 rear and the supplied ¼” bolts in the front.