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INSTALLATION 1. Remove all articles from inside, then thoroughly wash and dry the saddlebag lid. 2. Close the saddlebag lid. Cut a piece of masking tape at least 10 inches (25 cm) long and lay it lengthwise down the center of the top outer surface of the lid starting at the front. Mark a line lengthwise down the tape, measuring an equal distance from each side so the line is centered on the lid. 3. Obtain the template (7) from the kit, and position it on the line, with the short leg held against the front surface of the lid. Carefully mark the tape at the two arrows, then remove the template and set it aside. 4. At each of the marks made in Step 3, carefully drill a 1/8 inch (3 mm) diameter pilot hole. 5. Using the pilot holes drilled in Step 4, use a 9/32 inch (7 mm) diameter bit to finish drilling the holes for the trim piece. NOTES Before installing the lid trim, test fit to ensure adequate clearance of both mounting pads through the drilled holes in the saddlebag lid. The trim pieces are side-specific; the front legs are angled to match the lid front. If the pads do not fit loosely in the holes, it may be necessary to slightly enlarge the holes to provide clearance and maintain proper alignment of the trim on the lid. Clean the saddlebag lid inside and out, and the inside of the saddlebag with a soft cloth, making sure to remove any shavings left from drilling. 6. Obtain the correct saddlebag lid trim (1 or 2) and a trim gasket (3) from the kit. Peel the liner from the adhesive backing of the gasket. 7. Position the gasket onto the bottom surface of the trim, making sure the gasket remains inside the outer edges of the trim, and smooth it into place. 8. Obtain a pan head screw (6) from the kit. 9. Using a T25 TORX® drive head, start the screw part way into one of the holes on the underside of the trim, to form a few threads in the hole, then back the screw out of the hole. Repeat for the second hole. 10. Install the trim piece onto the lid, fitting the mounting pads into the holes drilled in Step 5. 11. Place a flat washer (5) from the kit onto the threads of the screw (6), followed by a rubber washer (4). Place two drops of Loctite® 243 (blue) onto the screw threads. 12. While supporting the lid trim in place, open the saddlebag lid and install the washers and screw through the lid into one of the trim mounting pads, finger tight. Repeat for the remaining trim mounting pad, with another screw, flat washer and rubber washer. 13. Apply a small amount of pressure to the trim piece above each screw and continue to tighten both screws to 25-28 in-lbs (2.8-3.2 Nm) . 14. Repeat steps 1 through 13 for the opposite saddlebag lid