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Turn ignition switch to the OFF position. Disconnect the ground cable from the battery. 2) Disconnect the wire at the coil which runs down to the points. Remove the point cover plate. 3) Note the position of the slots in the point plate. When the Mallory UNILITEfi plate is installed, use the position of the slots to approximate the timing. 4) Remove the wire to the points. Remove the O.E. standoffs and washers. Remove the point plate assembly. 5) Remove the O.E. cam sleeve from the advance assembly. Place a small amount of oil on the advance shaft which supported the cam sleeve. 6) Slide the Mallory shutter wheel onto the advance shaft. Make sure the shutter wheel is all the way down into the advance assembly (it will only go one way due to the roll pin in the advance assembly). 7) Install the advance and shutter wheel into the nose cone. Make sure that the pin on the bottom of the advance engages the slot on the end of the camshaft. Apply Loctite to the threads and install the advance bolt. Torque to 25 in.lb. 8) Rotate the shutter wheel by hand (counter-clockwise) and release. It should rotate about 10 degrees and “snap” back when released. 9) Install the two Mallory standoffs. Place Loctite on the threads and torque to 16 in.lb. Do not use any washers with the standoffs. 10) Start the three wires of the Mallory UNILITEfi Module through the hole in the nose cone housing. (The module goes in towards the advance assembly with the flat plate outward). Pull on the three wires to remove any slack and prevent the wires from rubbing on the shutter wheel. 11) Rotate the UNILITEfi plate assembly until the slots in the plate are in the same position as the point plate was. This should make the timing close enough to start the engine. Slide the two Mallory 8-32 sleeve nuts (supplied) through the UNILITEfi plate and onto the male threads of the Mallory standoffs. Tighten the sleeve nuts just enough to prevent the plate from moving. 14) Route the wires from the UNILITEfi Module to the ignition coil, carefully avoiding the exhaust system. Connect the red wire to the positive (+) terminal (12 volts) on the coil. Connect the green wire to the negative (ñ) terminal on the coil (where the point wire was connected). Connect the brown wire to ground. The best place for the brown wire is the negative (ñ) post on the battery, however, any part of the frame or engine which is grounded to the battery will work