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1. Starting on the right side hold the cover in place over the brake caliper. See photo (1), note how the spring when installed wraps around the bleeder screw (1A) at the front of the cover. See photo (2), note how the spring at the rear of the cover is routed behind the brake pad retaining pin. Using one of the springs supplied hook both ends of the spring into the holes at the front edge of the cover. Clean the face of the caliper (area marked “Nissin”) with rubbing alcohol. Peel the backing from the adhesive tape on the inside of the cover. Carefully position the cover in place aligning it with the suspension arm and being sure it is seated flat against the caliper. Press firmly to secure the tape to the caliper. Next stretch the spring over the bleeder as shown in photo (1A). At the rear of the cover route the spring behind the brake pad retaining pin as shown in photo (2A). Hook the spring into the upper hole then using a piece of fine wire or string (dental floss works good) hook onto the open end of the spring as shown in photo (3). Pull the hook into the hole in the cover. Remove the wire or string. Check again to see that the cover is seated on the caliper and that the springs are secure and not interfering with the moving parts of the brakes. 2. Repeat on the left side caliper. Rear Caliper Cover 1. Set the cover in place over the caliper. Notice that you need to hook the top of the cover over the caliper and the location of the two small spring holes at the front and back of the cover. The long spring supplied will attach to the front hole, pass between the caliper housing and the backside of the brake pad, then attach to the rear hole