ATV MOTORCYCLE Full Wave Audio Installation Manual


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If installing this system for use with existing marine stereo: Connect RCA Y adapter (sold separately) to music source cable and plug into Low Level outputs of the stereo. Do NOT use the included power switch. Attach the Amplifier Remote wire from stereo to the BLUE wire of the amplifier. The amplifier will now be turned on and off by your stereo. This step replaces the Power On/Off switch installation step. 2. Determine a location suitable for mounting the remote switches and speakers, paying close attention to clearance or obstructions. 3. Place tape over the desired speaker location and mark a center point. Use the speaker template(s) and mark the center of the 4 inch hole to be cut for each speaker. 4. Pre-solder both terminals of each speaker. 5. Using a 4″ hole saw, drill holes for each speaker. 6. Place a speaker in each hole and mark the mounting screw locations before drilling pilot holes. 7. Drill 1/8″ pilot holes for speaker mounting screws at the screw locations. 8. Position amplifier making sure to pick a location that has tolerance for drilling and for the depth (1 inch) of the mounting screws. You will secure the amplifier later. 9. Feed the red/black speaker wires from the amplifier through the speaker holes. 10. Place the red speaker wire from the amplifier against the small pre- soldered speaker terminal and flow the solder together with your soldering iron.