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These kits are designed to fit all 1982 and later Harley- Davidson motorcycles. Kit Contents See Figure 1 and Table 1. INSTALLATION 1. Remove and discard the existing mirror. Discard any lockwashers and acorn nuts used to mount the original mirror. 2. For motorcycles with turn signals mounted to the underside of the hand lever housings except 2004 and later XL models: See Figure 1. Secure the left side mirror using only the flat washer (3) and the acorn nut (5) from the kit. 3. Secure the right side mirror with the flat washer (3) and acorn nut (5) from the kit and the turn signal retainer only. Do not use washer (4) on either side. For 2004 and later XL models use only the lockwasher (4), and acorn nut (5) on each side. 4. For motorcycles with turn signals mounted away from the hand lever housings: Insert the mirror studs into the holes in the hand lever housings, and secure the mirrors with the flat washers (3), lockwashers (4) and acorn nuts (5) from the kit. 5. Adjust the mirrors for proper field of vision and tighten the acorn nut to 12 ft-lbs (16 Nm). Check mirror adjustment and reposition if necessary