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1. Remove wiring harness dart clips. 2. Disconnect clutch switch connector. 3. Remove 2screwsforclutch lever bracket clamp, remove clutch lever bracket from handlebar. 4. Remove screws for left handlebar switch assembly. Disconnect fast idle cable from lever. Remove switch assembly. 5. Grasp left grip end firmly. While twisting grip end back&forth, pull grip end off and discard. 6. Remove left grip by insertingathin screwdriver between the grip and handlebar end. Spray as mall amount of water/soap solution into the area between the grip and handlebar end. Aggressively twist the grip back-and-forth while simultaneously pulling the grip off. 1. Locate accessory handlebar. 2. Clean inside of throttle grip assembly and throttle cable flange grooves. Ill. 1. 3. Clean throttle grip area. Ill. 1. 4. Slide throttle assembly onto right handlebar end (cableshavenot been removed and should still be attached to the throttle tube). 5. Position the handlebar over the top of the triple clamp and reinstall using bolts removed instep 10. of handlebar removal. Torque to 30 ft. lbs. 6. Install right handlebar switch housing onto handlebar. NOTE: Make sure that locating pin of switch assembly aligns with hole in handlebars. 7. Install right handlebar switch housing screws, make sure locating pin properly aligns with hole in handlebar. Tighten screws to specified torque. 8. Install master cylinder and clamp, install screws. 9. Torque screws to specification. 10. Connect front brake switch wiring harness. 11. Install fast idle cable onto fast idle lever. 12. Clean inside of left grip and handlebar grip surfaces