Suzuki GSF 1200S Bandit Upgrade INSTALLATION MANUAL


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Holeshot Steering Damper 12 Then he attached a wire to the damper rod, to prevent it from getting lost in the fork tube, and pulled out the stock spacer and spring. 11 The Bandit has an internal damper that’s connected to the top and bottom of the fork tube. Kevin loosened the nut to detach it from the fork cap. 5 Rich loosened the damper body clamp and slid it onto the damper. 6 Next, he mounted the damper, front and rear, using a flat washer and a locking nut as a safety precaution. Then he began the final adjustments (see sidebar for details). When finished, he tightened the bolts in the fairing bracket. 7 To install the fork brace, Rich had to first carefully cut off the plastic fork protectors. 8 He placed the body of the brace between the forks and loosely bolted each end of the brace in place. He finished by tightening all the bolts to spec. 9 The Works Performance spring kit comes with everything needed for installation. 10 With the bike on the lift, Kevin jacked up the front end to reduce the spring load. He removed the bars, loosened the pinch bolts, and removed the fork cap. Holeshot Fork Brace Works Dual-Rate Spring Kit February/March 2006 RoadBike 87 www. February/March 2006 RoadBike 88 16 The Muzzys kit comes with the canister, a midsection pipe, and a centerstand stop plate and bolt. 17 I removed the stock muffler, starting from where the midsection pipe joins the header. If the gasket is in good condition, you can reuse it. 18 Since the stock pipe included a centerstand stopper, Muzzys provides a new one. With the muffler removed, I mounted the stop plate to the centerstand pivot bolt. 19 I carefully eased the Muzzys midsection pipe into the stock gasket, and then slid the muffler on and rotated it until the mounting brackets were aligned. 13 Kevin compared the stock spring assembly (bottom) to the Works one (top) to see if he needed to cut the provided spacer. There’s a difference of about .25″, but the instructions account for this discrepancy (years of the stock spring carrying a load), so no cutting was required.