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1) Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove air cleaner case
with air intake hose. Remove cruise control actuator. Remove clutch
release cylinder with hose attached and secure aside.
2) Remove starter. Disconnect necessary ground straps,
electrical connections and control cables from transaxle. Remove upper
transaxle mounting bolts from cylinder block.
3) Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove
lower engine covers. Drain transaxle fluid. Remove axle shafts from
transaxle. See appropriate AXLE SHAFTS article in AXLE SHAFTS &
TRANSFER CASES section. Remove stabilizer bar mount and bushing from

Ready to Run 1/ 5-Scale Brushless EP Motorcycle


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STABILIZER BAR INSTALLATION 3x8mm BH Screws ASSEMBLE THE BIKE STAND  Slide off the batttery tray door and install four “AA” batteries. Make sure the polarity is correct.  Turn on the transmitter and check the battery light. If the red light glows steadily, the batteries have enough voltage. If the red light blinks, the batteries are low and should be replaced.  Raise the antenna at the top of the transmitter. RED BATTERY LIGHT  The receiver should be factory bound to the transmitter. However, if you ever need to bind, follow these steps: 1. Turn on the transmitter. 2. Turn on the receiver via the switch on the ESC. If the receiver is not bound, the LED light will not be on. 3. Push and hold the bind button on the receiver until the light glows red. 4. Release the bind button. 5. If the binding is successful, the LED will fl ash once and then remain ON. 2. Make sure the collar is mounted on the center of the bar and tight the set screw. 3. Bend the rod and insert the ends into the bike. 4. Secure the bar to the bike using set screws. 1. Slide the metal collar onto the stabilizer bar. 4x4mm Set Screw (use threadlock) 3x3mm Set Screw (use threadlock) 4x4mm Set Screw (use threadlock) 4x4mm Set Screw (use threadlock) 4x4mm Set Screw (use threadlock)