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• Upgrade Your Pre- 2002 FL Or FXR Rear Fork & Get Rid Of The Crappy & Dangerous (Cleve Blocks) & Replace Them With A Stable System. • R & R your Swing Arm, Belt Drive, Swing Arm Pivot Shaft, and Rear Wheel. The paragraphs below are a photo journey into the replacement of a FL or FXR swing arm. To upgrade the pre 2002 FL, here is a How-To on cheaply replacing the poor parts Harley stuck you with. Now – Let’s Get Er’ Done • Pre- 2002 had weak swing arms and are known to fail. The cleve blocks are the cause of “Rear Steer” or “Rear Fork Deflection”. Harley came up with a patch in 2002, using bearings. Because the pre 2002 transmissions have a 5/8″ mounting hole for the 5/8″ swing arm pivot shaft, a conversion unit has been made. No transmission removal for boring is necessary. Under no circumstances, do I recommend drilling out the transmission case with a hand drill. The drill will “wander” (drift)! • Solution: Go to either a trike shop/manufacturer, e-Bay, or shop and buy a new style swingarm. Harley made an additional upgrade in 2007, try and buy this type 2007 & above). If upgrading to a 2008, Harley use 25mm (smaller than 1″) axles & wheel bearings, you will have to use 25mm bearings. With that said, let’s get on with it. • In the case of a 2007 swingarm; buy and do not pay over $40 for the swing arm and axle. You must use the corresponding axle as a ¾” axle set-up is different (along with wheel bearings & spacers). You positively can not use a pre -2002 HD stock wheel because the wheel bearing spacer will fit into the wheel. Buy 2002 & above style wheels as they (9 spoke) are cheep. • You are going to have to either bore out your stock rear caliper bracket or better still, upgrade your whole rear brake to the new model & sell yours on e-Bay. • I recommend doing the following before hand and have it ready for installation; Remove bearings et al. from the 2002 & later swing arm via press. Bike Work: • Jack up your bike using a center jack. Secure the bike so it will not fall over. You can also use a motorcycle jack. I use a motorcycle dolly