2006 Kawasaki Ninja 650R DOT Racer Front Brake Hose Kit INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


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1. Remove factory brake hoses, noting routing. Cap off master cylinder and caliper ports. 2. Install straight-bent banjo ends of Russell Left and Right hoses onto their respective calipers. Use factory single-banjo bolt from master cylinder to install Right hose onto caliper (See Fig. 1) . 3. Route hoses up through factory wire retainers to master cylinder (See Fig. 2, view from top). Use factory double-banjo bolt to install hoses onto master cylinder. Side-bent banjo of Right hose goes next to master cylinder, points toward center of bike, and rests against stop. Orient Left hose banjo so that hose runs parallel to Right hose (See Fig. 3) . 4. Locate hoses to fender using factory plastic clips around grommets on hoses at factory mounting points (See Fig. 4, Right side shown). 5. Check hose clearance throughout entire steering and suspension travel range. 6. Bleed the system and check for leaks while applying pressure