Honda ATV 650 Lift Kit REMOVAL AND Installation


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Place jack under center on the ATV front end and lift until front wheels clear the ground. Be careful to support ATV properly so that it is secure, but so that the A-arms and shocks can droop to full extension. 2. Remove front wheels and shocks. 3. Using a shock spring compressor, compress the spring on the shock and remove the spring retaining ring.
CAUTION: The spring is installed under tension. Failure to use a shock spring compressor could cause loss of control of the spring, which could unload rapidly causing bodily injury. If you do not have a shock spring compressor you should acquire one or take it to a dealer or professional mechanic for installation of the stiffeners. 4. Remove the spring. 5. Insert the smaller front spring stiffener onto the shock with the lip of the spring stop, on the shock, mating into the recessed portion of the spring stiffener. 6. Slide the spring back onto the shock and it should rest on the lip of the spring stiffener.
7. Reattach the spring retaining ring. 8. Repeat steps for the opposite side. Once springs are complete reattach the top of the shock to the top shock mount on the ATV and the spring stiffener will be closest to the A-arm. 9. Take two of the ā€œLā€ brackets and connect them to the bottom of the shock, the part that connects to the A-arms. 10. There is a top and bottom to the ā€œLā€ bracket. See the diagram