Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Installation and Removal Manual


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1) Place motorcycle on its side stand on a firm level surface. 2) Remove saddlebags if applicable 3) Attach bracket C (left side) and bracket D (right side) to rearmost fender attachment bolt. A) If bike has no saddlebags use 3/8 spacer between bracket and motorcycle. Use new bolt provided. B) If bike has stock saddlebags use enclosed threaded rod assembly. 1) Thread rod into rear bag/fender mount 2) Place 3/8 spacer and bracket onto rod 3) Tighten down with locknut ensure locknut and rod are tight 4) Replace bags on rod and tighten NO BAGS STOCK BAGS
4) Remove rear riders pegs and attach front of bracket A(left side) and bracket B (right side) to rear foot peg mounting point. Mount foot peg to outside of bracket. Use new bolts provided. 6) Attach brackets C/D to top of rear hitch plate. 7) Attach rear of brackets A and B to TOP of hitch arms 8) Ensure hitch is square on motorcycle and tighten all bolts