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INSTALLATION 1. Remove the seat, inner fender, and ignition coil cover. Removing the rear wheel assembly is recommended for ease of installation, but not absolutely necessary. Remove the nut cup and outer grommet on each of the Works shocks. If you intend to leave the ride height at stock height for road riding, position the inner nut cup SHOC KS SHOC KS WORKS PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, INC. 21045 Osborne St., Canoga Park, CA 91304 818.701.1010 fax 818.701.9043 STEALTH AIR SHOCK MOUNTING FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON SOFTAIL MODELS 2000-ON #HDAIR-00 – 02/15/2006 WARNING! THESE SHOCKS MUST ONLY BE USED WITH STOCK SWINGARMS AND ON STOCK FRAMES WITH THE STOCK BOTTOMING BUMPERS ON THE CHASSIS TO LIMIT THE TRAVEL OF THE SHOCKS. AFTERMARKET SWINGARMS, OR MODIFIED SWINGARMS THAT DO NOT HAVE THE UPPER BRACE THAT ACTS AGAINST THE BOTTOMING BUMPERS CANNOT BE USED WITH THESE SHOCKS. INCREASING THE TRAVEL BY ELIMINATING THE BUMP STOPS OR A NON-STANDARD SWINGARM DESIGN WILL ALLOW THE TIRE TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE FENDER OR OTHER CHASSIS COMPONENTS, AND CAN DAMAGE THE SHOCKS. 19. Lock Washers 20. Long Bolts (2) 21. Short Bolts (2) 13. Din Plug Screw 14. Din Plug Gasket 15. Cap 16. Eye Spacers (4) 17. Cotter Pins (2) 18. Switch Bracket 7. Compressor Bracket 8. Harness 9. Fuse Block 10. Din Connector 11. Solenoid 12. Hose 1. Damper Shock 2. Air Spring Shock 3. Nut Cup 4. Grommet 5. Hose 6. Compressor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 14 18 19 20 21 Fig. 1–Nomenclature on the damper shock up against the ring nut. The shocks are now ready to install. 2. Place the motorcycle on a suitable frame stand allowing unrestricted access to the shocks. 3. Place a small screw jack under the swing arm to support the weight as well as allow you to position the swing arm correctly to line up the shock mounting bolts. Remove stock shocks. 4. Install the left side (damping) shock with the stock mounting bolt. Make sure that the bolt threads and threaded portions of the frame are free of oil and grease. Grease the shoulders of the bolts and use thread lock compounds on the threads. Discard the stock shock washers on both shocks. Do not use any washers- -including the stock washers on these bolts. Use only the spacers included. The 3/16-inch wide spacers are used on each side of the shock eye. Do not “double-up” the spacers together on either side of the shock eye, as this will cause misalignment of the shocks which can lead to premature wear or damage to the shocks. 5. Put the supplied spacers on each side of the eye. The shoulder of the bolt must protrude a small amount through the shock eyes in order to allow the shock to pivot freely. This is extremely important. With the shocks fully tightened, the spacers should be free to rotate with finger pressure. If the washer is used or a non-stock bolt is used, the bolts will work loose or break because the shocks are in a bind.