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suzuki SV650 Cup motorcycles must meet the requirements of Lightweight Sportbike Equipment except as noted: a) The exhaust system may be replaced with commercially available aftermarket exhaust systems meeting mandatory track noise limits. b) The rear shock may be replaced with an after-market shock. c) Front forks must remain stock. Internal springs, valving, and oil may be changed with any aftermarket components. d) All riders must race on the same brand of tires. For 2007 the spec tire will be Pirelli . The Pirelli SuperCorsa Pro 120/70-17 SC1 (Super Soft) front and the Pirelli SuperCorsa Pro 160/60-17 SC2 (Soft) rear for dry weather and the Diablo Rain 120/70-17 SCR1 (Super Soft) front, 160/60-17 SCR1 (Super Soft) rear for wet weather conditions. e) Steel braided brake lines may be used to replace stock lines. Calipers and rotors must remain stock. (After market brake pads are acceptable.) f) Horsepower limit: 75hp measured at the rear wheel (Sanctioning body to enforce if required). g) Suzuki SV Cup Machines must weigh no less than 365 pounds in the same condition in which they finish the race, including all fluids such as oil, water and fuel. Weights will be checked immediately following races, and no fluid may be added prior to the determination of weight or before the post race horsepower check on the dyno.