Ducati ST2/ ST4 Left Side Installation and Removal Instructions


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STEP #1 Remove necessary fairings. STEP #2 Mount the bracket-utilizing factory holes located under the passenger rear set. STEP #3 Route wires starting at the bracket end and finishing at the battery. STEP #4 Look over your work. STEP #5 Check the polarity & test. STEP #6 Put everything you took off back on. Detailed Instruction: STEP #1 – Remove the seat, front, right side, & left side tail fairings. See the Ducati service manual. STEP #2 – (RIGHT side shown, perform on LEFT) If your bike was equipped with a stock outlet unplug the existing harness & tie wrap this up out of the way, it is not used. Also remove the stock bracket from behind the rearset. Attach the new bracket behind the frame utilizing the two holes below the passenger rear set. Install the supplied 6mm hardware into the front hole and just snug them up. Adjust the bracket so rear hole is aligned with the hole in the frame; the tail fairing bolt & spacer go back in this hole later. Tighten the supplied front screw to 6 Nm.