Suzuki DRZ400E Dual Sport Kit Installation Manual


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1. Remove the seat, side panels, and fuel tank. Kill switch connector Photo 1 2. Unplug and remove the stock headlight. 3. Unplug and remove the stock kill button. See Photo 1. 4. Unplug and remove the stock taillight. Using a utility knife, trim the taillight mounting tabs flush with the underside of the fender. 5. Taillight Installation: Attach the provided LED taillight to the under side of the rear fender using the provided countersunk mounting hardware as shown in Photo 2. Route the taillight wires forward to the area on top of the airbox along the right side of the fender. Secure the taillight wires to the taillight plastic with zip-ties so the tire cannot make contact. Photo 2 6. Rear Turn Signal Installation: Attach the rear turn signals to the flat portions on the sides of the LED taillight. Position them so they are out of the path of the exhaust. Route the wires forward securing with zip-ties. Route the right turn signal wires and the taillight wires around the front of the muffler mount and between the fender and the black plastic splashguard as shown in Photo 3.