Suzuki GSXR600/ 750 2006-2007 Frame Slider Installation Manual


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There is an existing 1 inch hole in the right body panel, remove right side bolt. Mount right side puck (shorter slider) with (99-HB-SH10125080) Socket Cap 10 X 1.25 X 80 Main Engine Stud and torque down. 2. Remove left side panel. 3. Locate the left side engine stud and remove bolt. (arrow below is pointing to bolt location) 4. Some photos in this section are used for illustration examples only. It is up to you how you decide to cut your motorcycles bodywork to accept the frame slider there are many different ways customers go through this process. Shogun is not responsible for any part of your motorcycle for any reason. Precisely measure location of cut and if in doubt at any point please call us before the install process has begun. Professional installation is recommended. Always use proper safety measures during the install of this product. Do not try to install this product without proper tools, recently calibrated torque wrench, correct torque specifications from factory service manual, safety goggles and gloves. 5. Body Prep. Use masking tape to completely mask off the area on the body where you will be working. We usually will tape off approximately 6 to 8 inches around the though hole area and any other edges that could get bumped or scratched while working. Tip: In some locations you may want to double up the thickness of the masking take to give extra protection.