2004-2006 Suzuki RM-Z250 Kickstand Installation Instructions


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To install your new kickstand: 1. Remove the lower chain roller nut, leave the factory washer installed. Install the included threaded chain roller spacer on the chain roller stud, and tighten. (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!) 2. Remove the sub-frame to main-frame mounting bolt. Install the provided subframe bolt spacer into the subframe bolt hole. 3. Install kickstand on the bike using the provided M8X 30mm flat head bolt, in the upper mounting hole. Install the supplied M6X 16mm socket head bolt, in the bottom mounting location. 4. Make sure that you tighten all bolts to the correct torque. 5. Periodically check the kickstand pivot bolt for tightness. Maintenance: Clean and lubricate the kickstand pivot area after each ride. We recommend using a penetrating lube, such as WD-40. If necessary, you can remove the back cover plate for additional cleaning.