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1. Use only unleaded gasoline of at least 87 pump octane by the F method or 91 octane or higher rated by the Research method. alcohol fuel may contain up to 5% methanol if appropriate cosolvents and corrosion inhibitors are present in it. 5. If the performance of the vehicle is unsatisfactory while using blended gasoline/alcohol fuel, you should switch to alcohol-free unleaded gasoline. 6. Failure to follow these guideline could possibly void applicable warranty coverage. Check with your fuel supplier to make sure that the fuel you intend to use meets the requirements listed above COOLANT Use an anti-freeze/coolant compatible with an aluminum radiator, mixed with distrilled water only. WATER FOR MIXING Use distrilled water only. Water other than distrilled water can corrode and clog the aluminum radiator. ANTI-FREEZE/COOLANT The coolant perform as a corrosion and rust inhabit as well as anti-freeze. Therefore, the coolant should be used at all times even though the atomospheric temperature in your area does not go down to freezing point. Suzuki recommends the use of SUZUKI GOLDEN CRUISER 1200NA anti-freeze/coolant. If this is not available, use an equivalent which is compatible with an aluminum radiator