Kawasaki Ninja 650R / ER-6F for Cowling Panel Vibration Damper Kit Installation Instructions


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Remove the three plastic clips which secure the two halves of the belly pan. First pull the centre pin to it’s out position using a flat blade screwdriver, use a spanner or another screwdriver shaft wrapped in a rag to act as a pivot point. Care should be taken not to damage the surrounding paint. With the centre pin pulled out, the clip can be removed by hand. Remove the two hex screws and clear plastic washers on each side that secure belly pan to the left and right main cowling panels. Note these hex screws are longer than all other hex screws used, take care not to mix. Remove the lower rear hex screw, stepped washer and clear plastic washer on each side and remove the belly pan. The left and right main cowling panels have tangs which locate into their respective belly pan halves