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1. Remove the right and left frame side covers and the seat. 2. Unplug and remove the stock horn located behind the left foot peg. Re-route the horn wires up over the front cylinder head and to the rear. Next cut two pieces of wire 36″ long, strip both ends ¼”, crimp two male spade terminals to one end and two females to the other ends. Attach these wires to the stock horn wires and route them over the rear cylinder and behind the frame tube. The end of the wires should come out near the center of the left side cover area (see photo 1 A). Connect these two wires to the relay terminals 85 & 86 (these will be the two that are parallel to each other see wiring diagram for terminal identification). 3. Using a blade screwdriver pry the two hoses with the “Y” connector off of the air horns. Cut a new piece of hose 2 ¾” long, replace the old short hose on the “Y” with this. Re-install the “Y” hose assembly onto the horns with the short hose on the long trumpet, route the hoses behind the horns and connect the long hose to the short horn (see photo 2A). 4. Remove the upper 8mm (12mm wrench size) motor mount bolt (see photo 2B). Install the horn assembly using the 8 x 55mm bolt and spacer tube provided. If the motorcycle is fitted with Honda line tubular radiator or engine guards the above mounting will not work. You will need instead to locate the “J” shaped bracket and small hose clamp provided in the hardware kit (see photo 2 on instructions of multi -application instruction sheet). Thread the hose clamp thru the bracket and attach to the frame or Honda line guards as shown ( see photos 2&3 ) tighten the hose clamp securely using a socket or wrench. Attach the horn set to the “J” bracket using the 5/16 x ¾” bolt, nut and lock washer provided. Position the horns so that they are angled down just slightly then tighten the bolt securely. Attach the remaining air hose to the “Y” connector, route the hose up over the top and to the rear of the engine. Cross the hose over to the right side of the rear cylinder head, then behind the electricals of the right side cover and coming out as shown ( see photo 3 A & B ). 5. Remove the center relay from its mounting bracket by lifting it upward and re-attach it lower and at an angle as shown (see photo 3C) using a small cable tie. Route two long cable ties thru the hole in the relay mounting bracket as shown (see photo 3D). Next cut a 16″ wire, strip both ends, crimp female spades to both ends. Attach this wire to the compressors pos (+) terminal. Cut an 8″ wire, strip both ends, crimp a female spade to one end and a fork terminal to the other. Attach this wire to the compressors neg. (-) terminal. Cable tie the compressor securely in place as shown (see photo 4). Route the hose to the compressor making sure there are no tight bends or kinks cut the hose to the desired length and attach it to the compressor. Route the neg. (-) wire with the fork terminal up and attach it to the 10 mm bolt as shown (see photo 4A) . Route the pos. (+) wire over to the relay on the left side of the motorcycle and attach it to terminal 30 or 87 on the relay (see wiring diagram)