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Carburetor adjustment Basic information on the original carburetor setting The original carburetor setting was adapted for an altitude of approx. 500 meters (1600 ft.) above sea level, and the ambient temperature of approx. 20°C (68°F), mainly for off-road use and central European premium-grade fuel (ROZ 95 MOZ). Mixing ratio 2-stroke motor oil : super fuel 1:40 – 1:60. Basic information on a change of the carburetor setting Always start out from the original carburetor setting. Essential requirements are a clean air filter system, air-tight exhaust system and an intact carburetor. Experience has shown that adjusting the main jet, the idling jet and the jet needle is sufficient and that changes of other parts of the carburetor will not greatly affect engine performance. Checking the setting of the TVC system The function of the TVC system is checked with the engine running. This test checks the start of advance and the end of advance. -For this, remove the left control cover. -Connect a rev counter (either to the ignition cable or to the blue/white cable in the electronics box, depending on the rev counter design). -Start engine, accelerate gently and observe when the TVC system starts to advance (tooth segment creeps upwards) Bleeding of the hydraulic clutch -Take off cover together with rubber bellows. -At the slave cylinder of the clutch, remove the bleeder nipple 2 . It its place, mount the bleeder syringe 3 which is filled with SAE 10 hydraulic oil