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INSTALLING THE CLUTCH : æ Install the bronze bushing, the clutch basket, the spacer washer and the clutch hub. Install the conical washer, apply thread locking material to the threads and install the nut. Use tool #R447 to hold the assembly and tighten the nut to 150 Nm . æ Soak the friction discs in engine oil prior to installation. Alternatively install a friction disc followed by a metal disc until they are all installed, the last disc to be installed will be a friction disc. Install the clutch actuating rod, the clutch lifter piece, the needle thrust bearing and the thrust washer. Install the pressure plate, the six springs, the six washers and the six screws. Tighten the screws to 11 Nm . Tool #R447
Page 8 sur 26 æ Install the two locating dowels, install a new gasket, and note that Sherco uses a special gasket with an integrated silicone bead. Do not use gasket sealer on the mating surfaces as the sealer could plug the oil passages. Install the clutch cover and tighten the twelve screws to 11 Nm . o INSTALLING THE CAM CHAIN DRIVE GEAR ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE CRANKSHAFT: æ Using a thermal heat gun, heat the cam chain drive gear to ≈ 100°C , install the gear on the LH side of the crankshaft after installing the key, install the circlip. Use care to avoid damage to the end of the crankshaft. Page 9 sur 26 o INSTALLATION OF THE CYLINDER : æ Use a sharp chisel to remove any of the metal gasket that protrudes above the cylinder mounting surface.