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1. Remove the stock passenger seat. And “U” shaped mounting bracket from the rear fender. 2. Install the 2 “L” brackets provided (NOTE: there is a left and a right) onto the rear fender using the bolts from the stock bracket. Snug the bolts just enough to still allow them to slide. 3. Using the 3 knobs provided re-install the stock seat using the knob with the long stud in the rear hole. Center the slot in the seat and tighten the knob. Install the 2 knobs with the short threaded studs through the front seat mounting holes and into the new brackets. Center the bracket holes to the seat holes and snug the knobs. This will align the forward brackets. Carefully remove all three knobs and the seat. Tighten the forward bracket securely. 4. Install the solo rack starting with the 2 short knobs at the front then the long knob at the rear with the black spacer between the rack and the fender. Tighten all 3 knobs securely, as tight as you can by hand. Lost knobs are not a warrantable item. Now you can switch from your new cool solo rack look back to your stock passenger seat in seconds without any tools. NOTE: when using the stock seat, place the black spacer on the long rear knob and install them over the stock rear seat bracket. This keeps the long stud from extending below the inside of the fender and possibly contacting the rear tire if the rear shocks should bottom out