2003 – 2006 KTM The e-Axle Installation Manuals


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Remove the stock wheel spacers from both sides of the wheel hub and install both of the Rekluse wheel spacers. After installing the Rekluse wheel spacers, stow the wheel in a suitable place so that the brake rotor cannot be damaged. See following picture. 5 5. Remove the brake pads by removing the clips and sliding out the pin. See following picture. 6. Remove the leaf spring from the caliper. See following picture. 7. Re-install the brake pads with the included coil spring positioned on the pin between the brake pads. Secure the pin by re-installing the 2 clips. See following picture. Coil Spring on the pin and in between the brake pads 6 8. Coat the center axle in a thin layer of grease to aid in sliding the center axle on and off. Note: Coat the center axle in a thin layer every time it is reinstalled after removing the front wheel for tire maintenance. 9. Position the front wheel back in between the forks so that the brake disk is in place between the brake pads, and so the wheel spacers line up with the hole in the fork fists. 10. Slide the center axle, with 30-mm Bushing attached, through the right-side fork fist and through the wheel spacers in the front hub. Rotate the 30-mm bushing so the set screw is facing up, this will line the “0″ Offset Mark with the fork fist pinch clamp slot. Continue sliding the axle through until the 30-mm bushing is almost flush with the outer edge of the right fork fist. See following picture