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The following TSB contains information regarding the 1994 Special Service Tools (SST’s). Both the Essential and Available SST’s are listed by part number, tool name, model application, illustration / usage (for Essential SST’s only) and appropriate reference in repair manual. All Special Service Tools (SST’s) may be ordered by contacting OTC at 1-800-933-8335.



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CHECKING THE CONNECTIONS Check the leads, couplers, and connectors for stains, rust, moisture, etc. 1. Disconnect: lead coupler connector 2. Check: lead coupler connector Moisture Dry with an air blower. Rust/stains Connect and disconnect several times. 3. Check: all connections Loose connection Connect properly. If the pin 2 on the terminal is flattened, bend in up. 4. Connect: lead coupler connector Make sure that all connections are tight. 5. Check: continuity (with a pocket tester) Pocket tester 90590-03112 If there is no continuity, clean the termi- nals. When checking the wire harness, perform steps 1 to 3. As a quick remedy, use a contact revitaliz- er available at most part stores.
1-5 GEN INFO SPECIAL TOOLS 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 EB104000 SPECIAL TOOLS The following special tools are necessary for complete and accurate tune-up and assembly. Use only the appropriate special tools as this will help prevent damage caused by the use of inappropriate tools or improvised techniques. When placing an order, refer to the list provided below to avoid any mistakes. Tool No. Tool name/Usage Illustration 90890-01268 Ring nut wrench This tool is used to loosen and tighten the steering ringnut. 90890-01304 Piston pin puller This tool is used to remove the piston pin. 90890-01460 -01326 Damper rod holder T-handle These tool ar used for holding the damper rod when removing or installing the damper rod. 90890-01312 Fuel level gauge This gauge is used to measure the fuel level in the float chamber. 90890-01325 -01352 Radiator cap tester Adaptor These tools are used for checking the cooling system. 90890-01362 -01382 Flywheel puller Crank shaft protector These tools are used for removing the rotor and starter clutch. 90890-01367 -01381 Fork seal driver weight Fork seal driver attachment (ø41 mm) These tools are used when installing the forkseal.