2004 Ford Harley Davidson F-250 Super Duty Installation Manual


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1. Using a 13MM socket, remove the bolt from just forward the front tire holding the bumper support. Do this to both sides of the vehicle. Set bolts and bumper support aside to be reinstalled later. 1 1 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 2004 Ford Harley-Davidson F-250 Super Duty Installation Instructions BX2608 Installlation Instructions: ‘ ‘ Page 4 of 5 405-0061 Rev. A 5/18/09 4. Set the baseplate inside the opening. Underneath start three 1/2″-13 x 1 3/4″ hex bolts with 1/2″ lock washers. Be sure and use loctite on all bolts before tightening. 3. If the vehicle has tow hooks, underneath the frame end are three metric bolts to remove using a 15MM socket. Pull tow hooks forward and set aside. Do this to both sides of the vehicle. The tow hooks will Using an 18MM socket, remove two bolts from the end of the frame. Disconnect the fog lights. Do this to both sides of the vehicle. Pull the bumper forward to remove. Set bolts and the bumper aside to be reinstalled later