Yamaha TTR 250 Dual Sport Kit Installation


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1. Get a degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. (Just kidding!) 2. Remove the seat, side panels, and gas tank. If you are color blind or even think you might be a little color blind, now is the time to get someone to assist you. Successful installation of the kit requires good color recognition. You want to go riding this weekend, don’t you? Photo 1 3. Unplug the yellow, blue and black taillight wires from the stock wiring harness (Photo 1). 4. Unplug the headlight from the stock wiring harness and remove. 3 Photo 2 5. Remove the headlight on/off switch. Unplug the red two pin connector with yellow and brown wires (Photo 2) from its mate that was under the fuel tank. 6. Clip the zip tie holding the headlight leads to the fork tube, coil it up and secure it to the frame in front of the voltage regulator as shown in Photos 3 and 4. Remove bracket shown in Photo 3. 4 Headlight Leads Remove this bracket Photo 3 Coil up wires and secure with a zip tie Photo 4 7. Rear Turn Signal Installation: Turn signal mounting requires that you drill a 3/8 inch hole in either side of the rear fender near where it meets the side panels. You can achieve a clean, durable installation using this mounting location. Mount the rear turn signals by drilling a 3/8 hole in the rear fender in the location shown in Photo 5 and Photo 6. Use the templates provided at the back of this instruction manual to determine the hole locations. Note that you will also be drilling a 3/16 hole on each side as well. You may find it easier to remove the fender to drill and attach the turn signals rather than performing this modification while the fender is on the bike