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90 LOWER END REMOVAL & INSTALLATION TOOLS SHOP EQUIPMENT & TOOLS 35-8399 35-8513 35-8516 35-8508 35-8504 35-8507 YAMAHA CRANKSHAFT PROTECTORS Sold each. 35-8504 YM-4063-A, XV750/920 Virago, XT550, YFP350, YFM660R Raptor 35-8399 YM-1382, XT250/XT350, RZ350, YFP350, YFZ350 35-8507 YM-33282, XV500 Virago, XZ550 Vision, XVZ12/13 Venture & Venture Royale, VMX12 V-Max 35-8508 YM-38145, XV750/XV1000 Virago YAMAHA CRANKSHAFT INSTALLATION SET Sold as a set. Consists of the following: Qt1-Installing Pot, Qt1-Pot Spacer, Qt1-Bolt. 35-8509 YU-90050 Crankshaft Installation Set OPTIONAL POT SPACERS 35-8513 YU-90070-A, XV750/920 Virago, XT550, TT600 35-8515 YU-91044, YFM350, SRX600, XT550/600 35-8516 YU-1202, SR500, TT/XT500 CRANKCASE PRESSURE TESTER An accurate method for checking possible air leaks on two-stroke engines. Complete with air pressure gauge, pump-up bulb and all fittings and adapters for single and multi-cylinder two-cycle engines. 35-5962 Crankcase Pressure Tester CRANKSHAFT INSTALLING JIG TOOL Supports and centers crankshaft webs while assembling two-stroke engine cases and rebuilding crankshafts. Prevents rod misalignment. Adjustable tang ends. 35-9804 Crankshaft Installing Jig Tool CRANKCASE SEPARATOR TOOL This tool will work on most two and four stroke engines that have a vertically split crankcase. Moveable fingers allow a multitude of bolt patterns to be used so it will work on a variety of models. Includes 6mm and 8mm mounting bolts, center pulling bolt and a three leg frame that is appropriate for many applications. 35-9642 Crankcase Separator Tool 35-9637 Replacement 6mm and 8mm mounting bolts. Each