Honda RC51 2000-2005 SBK Undertail Kit INSTALLATION


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Carefully remove the tail section body work. Save all bolts, washers and plastic rivets for re-installation of tail. Disconnect and remove the brake light (with all mounting grommets and washers), license plate and turn signals, key lock (with clip) and move all wiring out of the cutting areas. Remove the two bolts at the rear end of the stock fender (inside glove box) to allow the end to hang down for cutting Using a “Dremel” tool or cutting disc (this can also be done using a sharp edged knife, but is not recommended), remove the plastic shown in the photos to the above and below. Your subframe may be different but the cutting position is the same on all years. Be sure to take your time cutting, so that you don’t cut away any more plastic than necessary Replace all bodywork with fasteners loosely installed, mount undertail,
notice at bottom of the tray there are 2 holes, mark and remove tray, then drill holes in battery box 6) Inset lock into undertail using stock lock mounting clip, make sure the lock is in the correct position with the lock cable arm to function
properly. Insert undertail left side first, then right side, be carefull not to crack or scratch undertail. Use your stock plastic screw rivets to hold undertail in place. Attach lock cable to lock, check movement, adjust if necessary. Tighten all hardware on tail section, attach seat. * After this modification your undertail is not returnable. Paint is not war-
rantied against paint chips, flaking or scratches from installation or rocks being thrown from tire into the tray.
6) *Install license plate brackets to back side of license plate as shown. Now hold license plate in desired location on undertail, carefully mark and drill holes, install using the two (2) sets of allen bolts and lock nuts

Honda CBR 600 F4i 2004 – 2005 Bestem USA Fiberglass F13 Installation Guide


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We highly recommend having a professional install this undertail. A dremel tool or nsimilar is what we found the best to cut plastics. Place bike on a rear wheel center stand. Remove passenger seat and hardware which secure stock undertail section Unplug the harness that connects tail light and remove the stock undertail. Position Bestem undertail close to the bike and determine the amount of plastic needs to be cut out. Use a dremel tool to carefully trim off plastics (glove boxes etc). This is the most time consuming part of the installation but your patience will be paid off. 5) Once the new undertail is slide in, determine holes need to be drilled (only on
certain models). Reuse the hardware for the stock undertail to secure the new undertail. 6) The wiring color codes from two round tail lights are Black Wire – Ground, connects to Ground wire. Red Wire – Brake Light, connects to brake light. Blue Wire – Running Light, connect directly to the running light. Orange Wire – Turn Signal, connect them to your L/R turn signal wires We highly suggest you solder the connections and use heat shrink wrap to seal the connections. Test your lights before going out for a ride, also make sure your new undertail is securely installed on the bike. Now it’s time to go out for a spin!

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