KAWASAKI TERYX EFI Installation And Removal Instructions


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1. The Stage IV controller can be mounted in numerous places. Placement depends on personal preferences. Only mount in locations where no damage may occur from sharp or hot objects. 4. Start the UTV and in approximately four seconds the lights on the Stage IV controller will be visible. With a proper install, you should see lights going from side to side on the controller. This will last approximately eight seconds and then will stop. After lights have stopped going side to side, you will notice a great light on the left side of the controller. When you rev the motor, lights will increase across the controller and even change colors. 5. Double check all fasteners and connections. 7. The Stage IV controller has been programmed for ultimate performance when using Trinity Racing’s Stage IV exhaust system and Powerflow intake system on an otherwise stock engine. Different products, modifications, or other conditions may require additional adjustments. Please refer to Basic Tuning Adjustments and all final fuel adjustments are the customer’s responsibility. 8. You are now ready to ride! Enjoy your new Stage IV fuel management controller! Basic Tuning Adjustments 1. The following instructions are for basic fuel tuning. Modes 1,2, & 3 are allowing adjustments to increase and decrease the amount of fuel the engine needs. Modes 4 & 5 are for advanced tuning only. DO NOT change modes 4 & 5 when doing basic tuning! 2. To help understand how these modes work, you can think of them as if you were working with a carburetor. 3. Remember each time you push the MODE button you will be advancing to the next mode. Push the MODE button once and you are now in mode 1, push the MODE button again and you are now in mode 2 and so on. You only need to be concerned with modes 1, 2 & 3 for basic tuning. Modes 4 & 5 are for advanced tuning ONLY. 4. If you need to go back to the settings that were pre programmed when you purchased the controller, just look at the picture in each mode, the colored square represents where the settings were when you purchased the controller. 5. Looking at the controller you will see eight lights with numbers under them, this is what you need to look at when changing settings. The #1 light on the controller represents the leanest setting