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1. Remove seat, exposing factory computer (ECU). disconnect factory wiring by pressing lock and pushing lever back. 2. Remove ECU by pushing tab and sliding the ECU to the right as you lift. 3. Gently align the pins of the Fuelpak connector with the ECU and press the connector on the ECU. Be sure the single large pin is aligned with the single large socket before pressing Fuelpak connector into the ECU. Make sure all four tabs fully latch. (Fuelpak connector Patent Pending# 29 295831) 4. Connect factory wiring to Fuelpak connector and pull lever to locked location. Be sure that lock snaps into position. 5. Reinstall ECU. 6. Remove left side cover. 7. Slide Fuelpak down through opening leading to the area under the left side cover. 8. Attach Fuelpak to the fuse cover using supplied velcro.
HOW IT WORKS ENTERING VALUES 1. Remove Fuelpak clear case cover by removing all four screws, save hardware . 2. Turn on main power and handlebar switches, but do not start engine. Fuelpak display should light up, if not, turn power off and verify the connectors are fully seated. 3. Refer to Fuelpak Setting Reference to locate the Setting Values specific to your bike and exhaust system. If you do not find your setting, visit fuelpakfi.com or call tech support at (562) 921-0071. 4. Starting with mode 1 selected, press the value (+) or the value (-) buttons to input the correct value as indicated in your Setting Value. After entering your first value, press the mode select button to move to mode 2 and enter the value. Continue until you have entered the value for each of the first 18 mode positions. Each time the value (+) is pressed, the value increases by one number. Each time the value (-) is pressed, the value decreases by one number. (Please refer to the “How It Works” section directly above if you have questions about this step. 5. By pressing the mode select button 3-times, move to mode 21 and verify that it reads “0″ 6. Enter any other mode values as required for your application. 7. Turn power off, wait one second then turn power back on. Verify all modes then turn power off. 8. Reinstall Fuelpak clear cover then reinstall side cover