Vento Rebellian 150 Brackets MiniTrike Installation Manual


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Secure motorcycle in an upright stable position 2. Remove center stand. 3. Attach bracket A to center stand mount. 4. Remove saddle bags. 5. Insert longer bolts provided from inside saddle bag through bracket F (left)/ G (right) and attach to rear motorcycle sub frame. 6. Attach bracket D (left) / E (right) to TOP of forward MiniTrike attachment point. 7. Attach axles and wheels to MiniTrike frame and place in proper position and relation behind motorcycle. 8. Attach bottom of bracket H (left) / I (right) to rear MiniTrike frame attachment point and top of H/I to rear of brackets F/G. 9. Attach bracket B (left) / C (right) to BOTTOM of brackets D/E and TOP of attaching arm on bracket A. 10. Ensure MiniTrike is square with motorcycle and carefully tighten all bolts.