Honda VTX 1800 Motorcycles ALL Models (Excluding C Model) Trike Conversion Installation Manual


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Specifications Overall width 55.5 in. Overall length 108.06 in. Overall length w/ EZ-Steer 111.75 in. Wheelbase 72.44 in. Wheelbase w/ EZ-Steer 76.125 in. Load capacity 640 lbs. Brakes High-performance rear disc Tires 205/70R-15 Turning Radius 12.3 ft. Wheels Offset +35 mm 15x7JJ 4×4.5 Tire Pressure 20-25 psi · Suspension: “Zero-Flex” swing arm and two new (replacement) Progressive coil-over shocks. · Rear Differential: Champion Left Hand Drive Light Weight Rear Differential Assembly. · Brakes: Original front plus 2 high performance disc brakes at rear. · Storage Capacity: 6.75 cubic feet – 3 full-face helmets and additional over wheel storage. 2 Removal of Original Parts Secure and raise the motorcycle 9 to 10 inches using a quality motorcycle lift. Remove the following from the vehicle. See OEM manual for detailed instructions. Items to be retained for reinstallation after modification are noted. · Rider’s Seat (to be re-installed without modification) . · Passenger Seat and mounts (to be reinstalled without modification) . NOTE: OEM front and rear seat mounting bolts to be retained and reused. · Left and right passenger foot rests and mounts (to be reinstalled with modification) . · Mufflers (to be re-installed and relocated with minor modification) . · Rear Fender (complete w/ sub frame and all attaching parts) . · Swing Arm, Drive Shaft and Rear Wheel (complete w/ brake line and all attaching parts) . Core Return There are NO core return parts for this model. Installation of Champion Trike Conversion Kit 3.1 Modify Frame and Passenger Footrests. a. Use 17/64″ drill and drill through frame from inside out using passenger footrest mount holes as guide. b. Enlarge the passenger footrest mounting holes on the left and right side of the frame to 27/64″. c. Enlarge the holes in the left and right passenger footrest mounting plates to 27/64″. d. Clean area of all debris. 3.2 Relocate Regulator a. Install supplied “Z” bracket to the regulator as shown using the supplied hardware. b. Attach regulator to frame using the supplied hardware. c. Tie hoses down to avoid contact with the swing arm. Qty Description 1 ¼-20×2 hex head bolt 1 ¼-20×1-1/4 hex head bolt 6 ¼-20 Nyloc nut 10 1/4- SAE flat washer 4 as spacers 3.3 Hose Stay a. For models that have a recover tank below the swing-arm, a holder has been included keep the hose connected to the water pump away from the champion swing-arm. b. Remove the hose from the top of the recovery tank. c. Push the water pump hose forward against transmission. d. Secure hose with supplied stay as shown using existing bolt. Ensure that hose is not being crushed. Bend stay if necessary. e. Reconnect hose to recovery tank