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Begin by placing winch in freespool. Support the winch so that it will stand upright on the workbench, Fig. 1. This will ensure that the winch drivetrain will not be dislocated during disassembly. 2. Remove the two lower cap screws and nuts. Next remove the two upper cap screws, Fig. 2. Figure 2: Remove Cap Screws Figure 1: Position the Winch Upright Lower Cap Screws Upper Cap Screws Freespool Lever Position 3 Lift the gear housing straight up off the gears. Take care not to disturb the gear set. 4. Rotate the gear housing clockwise 90 degrees and place back down over the gear set. It may take slight twisting motion to have the housing align and drop over the gear set. 5. Align holes and replace hardware securing the endhousing back on the winch. Torque bolts to 45 in-lbs. The winch is now ready to be installed. Figure 3: Lift Gear Housing Figure 5: Reinstall Hardware Figuere 4: Rotate and Replace Gear Housing Rotate and Lower IV. Kymco MXU 250 Installation 1. Begin by removing the plastic bumper located on the front of the ATV. Remove the four front bolts and two bolts securing the bumper on the back side, Fig. 6. 2. Set the bumper aside. Save the fasteners to reinstall the bumper.