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INSTALLATION 1. Remove stock windshield. 2. Remove all hardware that secures the mounting brackets to the windshield. The nine screws that must be removed require a T-27 TORX® screwdriver. Save all hardware and brackets for installing the new windshield. 3. Remove all old tape from the brackets. Apply tape from kit to areas of the new windshield that had tape on the stock windshield. Do not exceed recommended torque when installing mounting screws. Damage to windshield can result. (00385a) 4. Install all brackets and tighten all screws and acorn nuts to 23-27 in-lbs (2.6-3.0 Nm) . 5. Install windshield on motorcycle. Improper installation of accessories or loading of cargo can affect motorcycle stability and handling, which could result in death or serious injury. (00455b) Failure to provide adequate clearance between stationary and moving parts can cause loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00378a) NOTE Inspect windshield upon completion of installation. Be sure windshield mounting does not restrict full left or full right movement of front fork assembly. If restriction does occur, adjust windshield as needed until proper clearance is obtained. Have experienced Harley-Davidson service personnel correct any problems before riding with this accessory installed. NOTE Check mounting hardware periodically. Never ride with loose mounts. A loose mounting causes extra stress on all other mounts, as well as the windshield itself, and could result in premature failure of components. CARE AND CLEANING NOTE Sunlight reflections off of the inside curvature of a windshield can, at certain times of the day, cause extreme heat build-up on motorcycle instruments. Exercise care in parking. Park facing the sun, place an opaque object over the instruments, or adjust the windshield to avoid reflections