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PREPARATION NOTE Position the motorcycle upright using a suitable lift or jack. To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove main fuse before proceeding. (00251b) 1. Refer to the service manual and follow instructions to remove the main fuse. 2. Follow the service manual instructions to remove the seat. 3. Raise the rear of the vehicle to allow access to the underside of the rear fender. LICENSE BRACKET AND ILLUMINATOR REMOVAL For Models WITHOUT a Center Tail Lamp NOTE See Figure 1. The reflector mounting block (2) is held to the fender (1) with double sided tape. Remove with care to avoid scratching paint. 1 3 2 5 4 6 7 is06256 1. Rear fender 2. Rear reflector and mounting block 3. Wire channel (2) 4. License plate bracket mount 5.5/16-18 screw (2) 6. License plate illuminator 7. M4 screw (2) Figure 1. Rear Fender, Models Without Center Tail Lamp 1. Remove the rear reflector and mounting block (2) from the underside of the rear fender (1). 2. Remove the license plate from the vehicle (if installed). Retain the plate and attaching hardware. NOTE Before removing rear wiring, note wire routing. -J04856 1 of 10 3. Remove the rear lamp wiring from behind the wire channels (3) on the underside of the fender. 4. Disconnect the two-way license lamp connector [93] and the four-way right [18] and left [19] stop/tail/turn (STT) lamp connectors from the STT module in the area under the seat. 5. Remove the two 5/16-18 screws (5) retaining the license plate bracket mount assembly (4) to the fender support. 6. Remove the license plate illuminator (6) from the license plate bracket mount assembly. Save the illuminator. The bracket mount (4) and four screws (5, 7) can be discarded. 7. Proceed to License Bracket and Illuminator Assembly . For Models WITH a Center Tail Lamp NOTE On these models, the license plate illuminator is part of the center tail lamp and is not removed. 1. Remove the three screws retaining the license plate bracket to the tail lamp housing. Remove the bracket and set aside for later assembly. 2. Proceed to Rear Lamp Wiring, For Models WITH a Center Tail Lamp and RED Stop/Turn Signals or AMBER Turn Signals . LICENSE BRACKET AND ILLUMINATOR ASSEMBLY For Models WITHOUT a Center Tail Lamp 1. See Figure 7. Get the new license plate bracket (3), illuminator cover (4), spacer (6) and two M4 screws (5) from the kit, and the license plate illuminator (A) removed from the original equipment (OE) license plate bracket. 2. See Figure 2. Assemble the illuminator (1), spacer (2) and cover (3) to the license plate bracket (5) in the sequence shown, and tighten the screws (4) securely. 3. Get the STT relocation weldment (6), two screws (7) and two flat washers (8) from the kit. 4. Apply a few drops of Loctite 271 – Red to the clean screw threads. Assemble the license plate bracket to the weldment as shown, and tighten the screws to 120 in-lbs (13.6 N-m) . NOTE If using a metal tool to install the black nuts, protect the finish with cloth or paper to prevent damage. 5. Loosely install the black painted nuts (9) onto the threaded studs on each side of the STT relocation weldment. 6. Remove the wires and socket terminals from the two-way license plate illuminator socket housing. Set the socket housing aside for later installation