Honda V4 Cam-Chain Tensioner Installation and Removal


Filed Under (Honda) by admin on 03-12-2011

Stay Organized – Misplaced and mismatched screws can be an expensive nightmare on many levels. Spend a couple bucks on organizing bins of various sizes and keep your uninstalled parts together in a logical sequence. 10 seconds now will save you 10 hours later. • Two wire coat hangers • Full metric socket Set w/ medium and long extensions • Various sizes of flat-head screwdrivers
• Safety wire (optional) • Sharpie pen (optional) • Plenty of towels and rags to wipe hands and surfaces • An extra set of hands
2) Keep records – If a job is complicated it’s easy to get confused with what went where before you took it apart. If you have a small digital camera handy and are unsure about your mechanical skills, snap pictures along the way to record how things looked. 3) Don’t get frustrated – If you start feeling frustrated and let yourself continue, you’ll probably cause more problems and damage than you’ll solve or fix. Take a break