Harley Davidson Dakota Digital HLY-6000 Road Star Installation Instructions


Filed Under (Harley Davidson) by admin on 31-10-2010

The Road Star wiring is split into 2 different bundles with black connectors on the ends that were used to plug into the stock gauge cluster. Cut off both connectors. They are no longer needed The speed sensor wires on the HLY-6000 have a connector on the end that allows you to plug it directly into Harley Davidson speed sensors by using an appropriate adapter (sold separately). Luckily for us, the Road Star’s stock speed sensor will work just fine without an adapter so go ahead and cut off that connector, you don’t need it.
Ideally, the best location for the “brain box” unit of the HLY-6000 would be under the left side cover. Unfortunately, mine is full of other stuff so I had to improvise the location and decided to mount it to the back portion of the under-seat area. I would recommend that you mount yours under the left side cover though. The wires are the perfect length for that location. The brain box and wires could fit under the right side cover, but I don’t believe that the main gauge connector would reach. Using the wiring scheme on the last page of this guide, match up the wires on the Road Star with the corresponding wires on the HLY-6000 wiring harness and solder them together. Important Wiring Information: Both BLACK wires on the brain box need to be connected directly to the (-) terminal on the battery. Don’t connect them to anything else. The following wires from the Road Star are not used and can be taped off: • BLACK • RED / GREEN • BROWN The following wires from the HLY-6000 are not used and can be taped off: • GRAY • WHITE/ BLUE • WHITE (on main harness) • BROWN (*optional) The HLY-6000 has a “dimmer” function which is controlled by the BROWN wire. If you want the gauge to be bright all the time, then leave this wire disconnected. If you want the gauge to dim for night driving, then connect this wire to the GREEN Low Beam (+12v) wire