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Front Axle and Outer Tube Front Wheel Axle Holder Rear Axle and Nut Handlebar Crown and Inner Tube Handlebar Crown and Steering Stem Steering ring nut (Upper and lower) Brake Caiiper (Front/Rear) Bleed Screw and Brake Caliper Brake Hose and Union Bolt Front Master Cylinder and Cylinder Cap Front Fender and Outer Tube Handlebar Boss and Front Fork Handlebar and Handlebar Boss Engine Mounting: Front ; Rear — Upper ; Rear — Lower 1 Down Tube and Frame: Front 1 Rear l Footrest Bracket and Frame I Pivot Axle and Nut Relay Arm and Frame Connecting Rod and Swingarm Connecting Rod and Relay Arm Rear Shock Absorber and Reiay Arm Rear Shock Absorber and Frame Footrest and Footrest Bracket I Rear Footrest Bracket and Frame Rear Master Cylinder and Rear Arm Bracket Cowling and Stay Compression Bar and Brake Caliper Bracket Front Fork Pinch Bolt: Upper Lower Sprocket and Clutch Hub Brake Disc and Clutch Hub Inner Tube and Steering Stem Frame and Rear Frame: Upper