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SPEEDOMETER INSTALLATION The following procedure details the removal of the factory speedometer and installation of the digital speedometer on Softail models; however the process is similar for all other models: 1. Remove the nut and washer (item #4 in the accompanying exploded view) that secures the console (#5) to the fuel tank. 2. Lay a clean shop rag on the fuel tank and flip the console over to expose the underside of the console. 3. Separate the 12-pin harness connector (#2) from the speedometer. 4. Unscrew the rubber cover from the “trip” reset switch (#6) on t left side of the console. he 5. Remove the “trip” switch from the console. 6. Pry between the three tabs that hold the back clamp (#7) to the speedometer (#1). Remove the back clamp from the speedometer. 7. Remove the speedometer from the console. 8. Remove the gasket (#3) from the speedometer. 9. Installation is the reverse of removal. CHAPTER 3 SPEEDOMETER OPERATION When the motorcycle key switch is ON, the speedometer will enter “normal” mode. Pressing the MODE button will cycle through the following display options: Odometer (ODOM) displays the mileage since the speedometer was installed. Trip (TRIP) displays the mileage since the last time the “trip” button was pressed. Head Temp (H TEMP) displays the cylinder head temperature in degrees F. Battery V (BATT V) displays the battery voltage Fuel (FUEL) displays the fuel level in gallons. Miles Per Gallon (MPG) displays the fuel economy in miles per gallon. Range (RANGE) displays the calculated range (in miles) until the tank reaches its empty value. Horsepower (POWER) to perform the horsepower test, follow these steps

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